Coursework and research experiences provided by Water INTERface will enable all students to:

  • Understand and complex social issues related to water treatment, cleanliness and quality, consumption and use, and the role of water in human health,
  • Develop professional skills for engaging in interdisciplinary research to address the scientific, technical, and social issues associated with these thematic areas,
  • Engage in ethical thinking and action in relation to the practice of engineering, science, public policy, and health pertaining to water. 


Interdisciplinary Water and Health Sciences Graduate Certificate

The Graduate Certificate in Interdisciplinary Water and Health Science is available to MS and PhD students. Students who successfully complete the 9 credits of water INTERface coursework will be eligible to apply to receive the certificate. Students may be affiliated with any department but need mentorship agreement from a certificated Water IGEP Faculty (Table 2). The IGEP is a non-degree granting program, thus students will have a home department (i.e., that of their graduate advisor) with specific degree requirements.