Welcome to Water INTERface: The Interdisciplinary Graduate Education Program for Safety Water Rescource

Founded in Spring 2011, Water Interface Interdisciplinary Graduate Education Program (IGEP) vision is promoting water for health and wellbeing. We consider water from environmental source through delivery to humans, industry, and agriculture. We seek solutions to water challenges. Our approach is by integrating science, engineering, and health perspectives.

Our Successes:

·       Our interdisciplinary graduate students are engaged in industry, academia, and regulatory challenges.

·       We have discovered taste interactions in water-dissolved metals and sweeteners.


Research Areas:

•  Public Perception: Public perception of technological options and advancements for providing clean water resources (water treatment)

•  Risks: Risks associated with contaminants and water-borne infectious diseases in private homes, public water systems, and commercial food processing facilities

•  Chemistry: Role of water chemistry (e.g. mineral composition) in delivering functional qualities such as flavor and bioavailable nutrients

•  Health: Role of water consumption in health, wellness, and mitigation of mineral deficiencies and diseases including obesity





"I am very proud to be a member of the Water IGEP group. My awareness for water has expanded in a myriad ways (usage, health, treatment, processing, shortages, novel technologies, etc.). The Water IGEP has provided the avenue to start those conversations as well as a network for working in an interdisciplinary manner."

Courtney Crist, Ph.D.

Food Science and Technology