Course Requirements and Description:

Interdisciplinary Water and Health Science Certificate Coursework (9 credits) and Timeline:

Year 1

Year 2

FALL: CEE 5804 Engineering  Ethics and the Public (3 cr.)

FALL: GRAD 5134 Interdisciplinary Research: Water for Health (3 cr.)

SPRING: GRAD 5414 Water for Health Seminar(1 cr.)

SPRING: *GRAD 5974 Independent Study (2 cr.)

*either GRAD 5974 or a departmental Independent Study (from Water IGEP mentor’s department) may be taken. Whichever course is planned (either GRAD 5974 or the departmental 5974) should be listed on the Graduate Certificate Application form.

CEE 5804 Ethics in Engineering, Science and Public Policy (3 cr)   Instructors: Edwards (CEE), Lambrinidou (STS).  Description: Drawing from case studies at the intersection of engineering, science, and public policy, this course examines the cultural and moral dimensions of engineering and scientific practice through the prism of ethical theory. It explores professional, institutional, and political values underlying the production of knowledge and shaping regulatory solutions to real-life problems, and identifies tensions that can arise between “expert” and “non-expert” perspectives on matters that can have serious and large-scale societal consequences.

GRAD 5414 Water for Health seminar (1 cr).  Instructors: Water INTERface IGEP facultyDescription: Emerging interdisciplinary issues related to the chemistry, biology, and engineering of drinking water. Nutritional and aesthetic values of water and its role in controlling disease and promoting good health. Methods of processing poor quality water to drinking water standards; subsequent changes in chemical, biological, nutritional, and palatability characteristics; implications for food preparation, processing, and safety and other consumer uses of water. Comparison of tap and bottled water. Influences on consumer choices of beverages. Implications of engineering treatments and consumer choices for promoting human health and nutrition.

GRAD 5134 Interdisciplinary Research (3 cr)   Instructors: IGEP Core Faculty. Description: This course will address the characteristics, processes, and dynamics of interdisciplinary research teams which facilitate success, as well as strategies to prevent or reduce conflict among research teams. The concepts will be applied throughout the semester, as students work in interdisciplinary teams to complete course assignments. The course will include in‐depth coverage of significant research questions involving WATER that require interdisciplinary expertise, methodologies, and analysis including social/ ecological aspects of water consumption, role of water in controlling disease and promoting optimal health, public perceptions of water quality, and water re‐use.

GRAD 5974 Independent Study (2 cr).  Instructors: Any Water INTERface affiliated or core faculty may supervise this independent study laboratory experience. The course is designed to build skills and knowledge in water research methodology exploration in a discipline outside the student’s primary discipline.  A  departmental  5974 may be substituted for GRAD 5974.